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12 Ways to Say “I’m Sorry”



What is it?

Twelve Ways to Say "I'm Sorry" is a six minute comedy film about what we mean when we say "I'm sorry."

The film pretends to be a government educational film for the benefit of immigrants who may not know what Canadians mean when they say "I'm sorry." In a series of interweaving vignettes, it tells the story of three local couples and one Texan tourist in a round of feigned regret.

The film explains each flavor of sorry, from the Sexual Sorry ("For when you know you screwed up, but you still think you might get lucky") to the Intellectual Sorry ("For when the person you're talking to doesn't know they're an idiot").

Because, when we say "I'm sorry," we pretty much never mean it.

The film is based on Chapter 16 of Will and Ian Ferguson's bestselling humour book How to Be a Canadian, which is just as clever as it sounds.

The film was written and directed by Alex Epstein, one of the writers of the hit comedy Bon Cop / Bad Cop, which broke the Canadian box office record for a homegrown film, and scooped up the Genie for Best Picture. It stars Al Goulem ("The Tournament"), comedian D. J. McCarthey, and some of the best-loved actors of the Montreal stage.